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Radipole, Dorset including Southill, near Weymouth

Pictures of Radipole - Causeway

Upper Mill, Radipole

The former Upper Mill

dating from Georgian times and along with the former Mill House, now known as Meadows

Mill Cottage by the site of the Lower Mill, Radipole

Mill Cottage

the Lower Mill stood to the left of Mill Cottage and was known as Lower Radipole Mill or Strangeways Mill.

Causeway House, Radipole

Causeway House

dating in part from Tudor times when it was the house of Andrew Buckler, this was the house of the former Manor of Causeway.

Marvels or Marwells Cottage, Radipole

Marvels or Marwells Cottage

from a painting of 1910. This was also known as Marvels Farm and is possibly by the corruption of the name, the former home of the two rectors of Radipole - James Marwell and his son Richard Marwell.

The cottage is currently undergoing rebuilding and restoration.

Alma Cottage, Radipole

Alma Cottage

Once part of a group of four of which only two remain. The original Pump Cottage stood to the left of Alma Cottage but was demolished for road-widening of Radipole Lane.

Pump Cottage, Radipole

Pump Cottage

Now renamed as Pump Cottage, taking its name from the original one that stood at the other end of the row and with a pump in its garden

Pictures of Radipole Lane, Radipole

Pictures of Spa Road area, Radipole

Pictures of Dorchester Road and Greenhill

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