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Radipole, Dorset including Southill, near Weymouth

Pictures of Radipole - Radipole Lane

The Old Manor, Radipole, formerly Radipole Manor Farm

The Old Manor

also previously known as Radipole Manor Farm, with the farm buildings surrounding it. Before Radipole Lane became a road here, it was just a farm track.

St.Ann's Church, Radipole, Dorset

St Ann's Church

Possibly the oldest building in the Weymouth area dating from the 12th century, unusual in that it has a three bell turret. Beside the path is the Old Alter stone.

The Old School, Radipole

The Old School

dating from 1850 when it was in the course of construction according to a local directory, the school stands on the site of a former barn belonging to Radipole Manor Farm (as above).

The Old Rectory, Radipole

The Old Rectory

of Georgian origin, the Old Rectory stands beside both Radipole Lane and the top end of Radipole Lake where the River Wey meets it.

Letterbox Cottage, Radipole

Letterbox Cottage

One of the oldest cottages remaining and thought to have been built before the Civil War of the 1640s. Joined with its neighbour, Rose Cottage in the 1950s to become one long cottage.

The former Honest Man Inn, Radipole Lane, Radipole, Weymouth, Dorset

The former Honest Man Inn

From at least the early to mid 1800s the large house in the foreground was the Honest Man Inn. The smaller cottages adjoining it tradesmen's cottages, at least one being a carpenter's shop.

Pictures of Causeway, Radipole

Pictures of Spa Road area, Radipole

Pictures of Dorchester Road and Greenhill

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