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The local website for the Radipole and Southill Community in Dorset and those interested in its history

Radipole, Dorset including Southill, near Weymouth

The map shows the extent of the ancient parish of Radipole before the boundaries of the Borough of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis were extended and before the creation of a new parish of St. John's, Melcombe Regis.

Click the arrows at the top left of the map to navigate the map, alter the zoom level by using the + and -. As you zoom in, the buildings will be in their correct places. Clicking on any of the icons will give you some information about the location, some of which have either an old or new picture. You can also click anywhere on the map to drag it to wherever you want it.

denotes a building that either is still there now or is the site of one that has been demolished.
denotes a church.
denotes a farm, that either still exists as such or was one formerly and is now just a house, or has been demolished.
denotes a railway station.
denotes a lake or other body of water

The buttons at the top right corner of the map allow you to view a Satellite image of the area shown on the map. The Hybrid is a satellite image with the streets names overlaid on it.

Radipole Tithe Map 1841
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